Bloons Tower Defense 3 Hacked

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Instructions: Use Mouse

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Hacked:

Bloons TD 3 

The second part could be seen as small step but Bloons TD 3 really is a big step in the Bloons World. 8 new Tracks, 3 difficulty levels for each track, new Monkeys, new Upgrades, new Balloons, really a big Game.
The number of Towers has increased to 12. This means there are 4 new Towers compared to part 2. At a closer look same of the Towers are obstacles like the Monkey Glue, Road Spikes and the new Pineapple. The Pineapple is a bomb with a timer which can be placed on the track. One of the new Towers is the Spike-o-Pult. This Monkey fires a spiked ball with a catapult. Another new Monkey is the Monkey Beacon. This is a very interesting tower and brings a completely new idea to the Series. The Monkey Beacon gives every tower in its range upgrades. As every tower (apart from the obstacles and bombs) this tower can be upgraded. One upgrade is the Monkey Storm Beacon, really cool. Most of these features can also be found in Bloons TD 4. There is also a super-secret upgrade, you may find out for yourself while playing the Game.
In the end one can say the game is really a juwel in the Bloons Series. This time there have been substantial improvements. This free Game offers endless hours of Fun. Even a super enemy is coming your way. Don’t miss out Bloons TD 3.

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